Tips from MindCoord help you double your remote work efficiency

Remote work provides people with a new way of working, especially for professionals with families, working from home(WFH) gives us more time with families. However, some professionals have struggled during the process of switching from a physical office to WFH.

“It’s all COVID’s fault, my work and life are in chaos.”

Probably you have complained a lot to your friends like this.

For individuals and companies, many companies are also facing the dilemma of having to change their management system due to COVID. How existing employees can adopt online management to replace offline traditional management is also a big problem that business owners have to think about.

MindCoord, as a company takes remote-working as part of our system since our inception. Maybe MindCoord’s remote working experience could help you.

1. Create a good office atmosphere

For people who are new to remote work, there is often a misunderstanding—”home does not need to have an office environment”. Regardless of whether it is for companies or individuals, carrying out work based on this concept will greatly hinder the interaction and execution efficiency of work.  Here, we have prepared three tips to help you better create a more comfortable office atmosphere at home.

1. Adjust your appearance

At MindCoord, we have basic requirements for the dress code of members in online meetings. We encourage wearing cloth that reflects individuality and conforms to the company’s culture. Employees are not allowed to wear clothing with revealing, discriminatory words or patterns. At the same time, no pajamas are allowed during working hours. Marketing and PR grounds have strict requirements on the makeup. The purpose of this is to help everyone who works at MindCoord get into working mode.

Wearing pajamas or plain makeup can make people feel at ease, but it’s also difficult to mobilize your enthusiasm at work because your body is instinctively accepting a more lazy state rather than being actively engaged in work (of course, some creative positions’ work may also have different inspirations in different states. The constraints of the appearance do not need to be obeyed invariably). The constraints of the appearance seem to have little to do with remote work, but doing this well will help you devote yourself to your daily work energetically.

2. Improve your inner state

Concentration is a huge challenge for everyone in the workplace. For some people who are easily distracted in the office, remote work has stricter demand for self-discipline ability.

MindCoord cares very much about the working status of every member and we are committed to creating a good and comfortable office atmosphere for everyone. We test and use a variety of tools within the company to promote everyone’s concentration level. Some tools we suggest include the following:

1. Kanban

The term Kanban comes from a Japanese company. It’s a tool designed to achieve just-in-time production. It helps a lot in planning work priorities and rationally arranging work schedules. At MindCoord, the use of tools is not mandatory, and there are no fixed software requirements. Many of MindCoorders not only put work tasks on the Kanban but also put some plans in their lives into the Kanban, it strictly manages their time and energy. With Kanban, you no longer face the trouble of “Which work should I do first” or “What should I do next?” Instead, you will have a more orderly pace of work and life.

2. Status text

The status text means to update your current status in time on the company’s internal communication software. You can update your status to “Powerful day” at the beginning of each day, and “Relax” at the end of the day. In the case of asking for leave, you can also update your status to “I’m not here” in time so that other colleagues can perceive your dynamics when interacting with you.

This may seem like a small procedure, but it is an important step to establish a sense of ritual. In addition to having a psychological suggestion to yourself, the words that you change every day can also have a positive psychological impact on other people who see this state. On the contrary, it should be noted that do not place negative content, so as not to have a negative emotional impact on other people.

3. Zen mode

The term Zen is a Buddhist term that refers to a monk who enters a state of meditation where he is fully engaged. When you need to concentrate your energy in a short period, you may wish to adjust your equipment or high-frequency communication tools to the non-disturb state. We are always easily distracted by some sudden information from the outside world or our fatigue, so mandatory isolation can effectively avoid our laziness and help us better concentrate.

MindCoord will combine the Zen mode and status text in daily work. When the colleague you need to call is in Zen mode, you can choose to leave a message to him/her to wait for a reply or delay the interaction according to the importance level of the task. If a very urgent event occurs, MindCoord equips with an emergency contact method in case of emergency, which can help quickly contact the senior person in charge of the corresponding work to deal with some high-priority emergencies.

4. Virtual office

Infrequently interactive departments, such as product and marketing departments, members will join the department’s dedicated virtual office during working hours. The virtual office makes the atmosphere of the online office closer to the offline real situation. At the same time, interactive games can also increase the fun of work.

3. Create an office area that suits you

Suitable working conditions are also an important way to improve work productivity. When preparing for your remote work, we strongly recommend you spend a little more time creating an exclusive office area for yourself and we have the following suggestions for you:

1. Separate office area from the living area

Although remote work saves time on your road to the office, it is not good to mix workspace with living areas. Appropriate physical isolation can help you change your mindset, and it can also give you a certain mental hint to work. At the same time, in the meeting scene, the independent office area can also well avoid the risk of your privacy disclosure.

2. Purchase a comfortable and ergonomic table and chair

When working remotely, the time you spend with the desk and chair may be longer than the time you spend lying in bed. So, don’t hesitate to buy a comfortable and ergonomic table and chair, which will not only make you feel more comfortable at work but also make your body healthier. Bad sitting posture is likely to cause discomfort on the joints or eyes, and then cause a series of adverse reactions to the body, and even irreversible injuries.

3. Ensure the continuity of your network

The Internet status is a big problem in remote work. For enterprises, when employees in each region communicate with each other, they use different network types that different services provide. As a result, some employees may experience serious out-of-synchronization when communicating. In addition to forcing the use of unified, globalized, and efficient communication software at the company level, as a remote worker, you should also ensure that your network is high-speed and smooth.

MindCoord will advise every MindCoorder to prepare a list of temporary solutions to remind you of any solutions you can refer to when you encounter emergencies at work. In the list, you can add a temporary office location that you can choose when the network is interrupted so that you can spend the least time to overcome this problem when the network is not smooth, and then continue today’s work tasks.

4. Headphones are essential

Wearing a headphone to participate in a meeting is what MindCoord will emphasize on the first day of induction training. The loud sound is not conducive to free communication during the meeting, so a headphone with good sound reception is essential.

Regarding the choice of headphones, MindCoord also has a lot of interesting discussions inside. Engineers often wear headphones and mute to ensure concentration, so they are very concerned about the sound insulation effect of the headphones. MindCoorders with high creation demand like to use some strong melodic music to stimulate their creative inspiration, so they care more about some subtle parameters of the headphone. If you have different listening habits, you can also ask other people in the company about what kind of headphone is best for you!

5. A good camera

It is another meeting requirement of MindCoord to show your face to attend the meeting. A good camera can better present your expressions and demeanor so that your images can be better presented. The blurry image will make other participants feel uncomfortable and will reduce your participation experience.

6. Use an eye-friendly screen

Preventing visual fatigue is very important. In addition to the damage to your eyes, eye fatigue will also cause you to resist work instinctively, and indirectly lead to a tired work mentality. The screen that is not friendly to the eyes affects your concentration and hurts your body. So choosing a good screen has a huge impact on your work.

4. Other important issues

After doing a series of preparations, you can officially start your remote work. However, in addition to a good office atmosphere, some other issues are easily overlooked. These problems do not often appear in offline workspaces, so we put them forward to help you better solve these problems.

1. Appropriately increase informal communication between you and your colleagues

Remote work physically blocks the social connections of some people. This may be happy for some people, but more people may feel pain because they are cut off in contact with people around them. No matter who it is, we suggest you add some informal conversation topics to your daily communication.

MindCoord will hold regular mandatory informal meetings to promote mutual understanding and exchange interesting experiences. As a team whose members are mainly young people, we can talk about everything from pop culture to pet life. As long as you are willing to share, you can always find people with the same hobbies as you and enjoy the fun of the same hobbies together happily.

2. There must be an expectation of spending more time on learning

Starting your remote work rashly will cause a lot of discomfort, which will also be mixed with a lot of anxiety and disappointment. Don’t worry, all of these are normal. To avoid these negative attitudes, the best way is to have expectations in advance. Remote work inevitably requires everyone involved to learn more software skills and greatly improve their ability to solve problems independently. “Things that make you grow up don’t make you feel too happy.” When encountering resistance, please think about these words and give yourself more patience and perseverance. All the things can be done by just starting to do it and sticking to it. Done is better than perfect. Therefore, by establishing the expectation that “I will spend more learning costs” in advance, you can appropriately alleviate your anxiety.

3. Learn to enjoy your life

For people who are too engaged in work, remote work is a kind of “gentle trap” that drags you into a long work without knowing it. This is very dangerous behavior because, without offline social interaction, long-term self-isolation will lead to isolation from society and cause extremely bad physical and mental effects. Giving yourself a fixed time to go out and relax every week, and increasing the opportunities for offline communication with your friends can help you get out of such “traps.” Another very good way is to do some physical exercises. Moving your body can not only bring you health but also improve your mental state and improve the quality of your work.

MindCoord will hold sports sharing sessions from time to time, and organize team members from the same area to go out for mountain climbing, camping, and other activities. It not only enhances communication but also enhances physical fitness. This type of activity is deeply loved by MindCoorders.

WLB (work-life balance) is an excellent state often mentioned by people in the workplace and wants to pursue. Remote work has given many people the opportunity to realize WLB, but it has also destroyed many people’s original WLB. We hope our experience can inspire people inside and outside MindCoord so that every remote office worker can successfully start their new journey.

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