AR is big — 5G + MindCoord will make it huge

In the last five years, we saw virtual reality and augmented reality appeared on the scene. While both have found loyal users, widespread adoption is just beginning. On mobile devices, 5G is set to bring faster speeds, hyper-capacity, new viewing experiences like 8K resolution streaming, and 360-degree video — which is important for the development of mixed reality. This will change the way that people use their devices every day. Games will become more dynamic, with real-time multiplayer games through augmented reality. Watching experiences will become more vivid through 8K resolution and virtual reality.

However, creating AR and VR experiences does not come without technical challenges. Combining and synchronizing the real world and the motions of the user with a digital world requires a massive amount of computation. MindCoord develops a revolutionary mobile-based 3D engine, integrating IK algorithm, pose estimation system and auto rendering functions. Release the full computation power of mobile devices. Meanwhile, graphics rendering on the edge cloud augment latency-sensitive on-device head tracking, controller tracking, hand tracking, and motion tracking to photon processing. This concept is called split rendering.  With a fast and reliable 5G connection. MindCoord will deliver the ultimate experience to the user.

Today, the MindCoord’s mobile-based application, PortalHiker is available on both iOS and Android. We are bringing cutting edge technology to our customers.

MindCoord 3D system + 5G networks and their highly capable radio network infrastructure. We are ready to deliver the AR and VR experience wirelessly across industries.