Artor Makes 30s AR video Creation Possible

Do you remember the first time you were transported to a different world by a story? Till Now, creating or building a virtual space like in Ready-Player-One has always been a mission impossible for most of us.
The learning cost of producing 3D animation content is professional and expensive, requiring great computer configuration, as well as professional modeling and rendering skills.

What You Can Do Today

MindCoord team has developed a revolutionary new solution for capturing, sharing, and exploring virtual spaces from around the world.

Artor let you make one using your mobile phone in 30 seconds. We provide hundreds of 3D models, scenes, actions, music, and special effects in our 3D library. You can create a 3D scene from your iPhone or iPad, record the video, and share the video on social platforms.

This is the create page of Artor, which can be entered by clicking on the + icon in the center of the navigation bar. “My characters” let you identify and extract the person in a photo, converting into a paperman; “Motion”, on the other hand, poses estimation, which extracts the motions of a character in a video. You can try these two functions yourself, but today’s main point is “start creating”!

There are two modes in Create – AR, and 3D. The 3D creation mode is pretty much similar except in a virtual scene. After entering AR mode, you need to scan for the plane first. Next, you can click the object button in the lower-left corner to select a preferred 3D character model. “My characters” contains characters that you store in your collection, and “For you” contains characters recommended for you. Swipe down to load more interesting 3D avatars!

To add motion to this character, you can click on “Edit motion” button. After choosing motion, the characters can dance like the one in the gif below! You can click on blank space to remove the white frame on the character, and click on the character again to trigger the white frame. Select “Edit motion” replaces the new motion with the current motion. Clicking on the trash icon deletes the entire character with motion. You can drag the character by holding your finger inside the white frame, zoom in and out by placing your finger on the four white corners and rotate by placing your finger on the edge of the white frame except for the four white corners.

Apart from characters, you can also add tags, images, videos, 3d text, effects, and music into the scene. Each one can add multiple times and edited separately.

After you are satisfied with your scene you can start recording. The plane and white frame will automatically disappear and music will start right away once you start recording. You may pause and resume the recording and go into the scene and interact with avatars!

Where We’re Going: Editing Interactive Reality Together

Unlocking a new digital canvas for creativity and shared experiences

Our goal is to grow Artor into a destination where people can create, share and explore together in new, immersive, and interactive ways.

We believe the best way to achieve this is by releasing often and publicly, supporting our earliest creators, and constantly increasing access to creative tools only previously available to high-end gaming, graphics, and 3D professionals. In the coming months, you can expect to see regular updates along this path.

Artor is for those of us who see Metaverse in reality. If this sounds like something you’re interested in working on, shoot us a note! We’re working on some of the hardest challenges in computer vision, graphics, and multiplayer networking and are hiring actively.